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I argue it is feasible to enslave a people, without disturbing the perceptions of a free society. From a minimal set of assumptions, it is possible to show that a network can assert power over people while remaining unseen. Moreover, formidable covert organizations should be expected to emerge, on the basis of inequality of information, due to incentives at a fundamental level.  Such entities should be taken seriously as their foundations also are drivers of expansionary strategies and conflicts.

A main thread is the theory of covert action and organisation. These two pinned articles (2020 & 2021) provide important clues.

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Too much to handle for orthodoxy, and even denied publication by Reddit! Power/You proudly presents The Cambridge Conspiracy. Although some may consider subsequent results unexpected and unrealistic, facts seem to be stranger than fiction as usual.

A fraction of the population in advanced economies is engaged in production –  What do people in wealthy countries do all day?

Censored by the illustrious Swedish academic forum Högskoleläckan! Power/You proudly presents The Bullshit Conspiracy. This paper deals with the theory of fictitious employment, all the way from basic definitions and explanations, to political implications. The famous work on Bullshit Jobs, by the world-renowned activist David Graeber, is shown to be a bullshit theory. Surprisingly enough, it is aligned with the Alt-right on key issues. It is vintage smash-and-grab of work from leftists. A theory of society is outlined from a game-theoretical perspective, and an alternative approach of no-bullshit jobs is developed.

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Although the arguments of ideologists in service of those in power never made sense to a rational mind, particular fragments can still be used for the purpose of historical revisionism.

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