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The Bullshit Conspiracy.


No-bullshit jobs, as developed in this paper, is a nested process-based definition of fictitious employment. The theory of bullshit jobs ascribed to Graeber (2019) is proven to be irrational, empirically false, contested or inconsistent. Data on two of his major works indicates that although he often is presented as left-wing, anarchist, and activist, his actual statements are nevertheless aligned with right-wing ideology. To underscore these points, his work is conceptualised as a bullshit theory, in the sense that it is redundant, fake, creates unnecessary tasks, and requires duct taping. Furthermore, it is evaluated as a PR-flunky in the arms race to promote essentially an Alt-right world view, where the US Democrats are portrayed as a left-wing party, and academia is depicted as radical. A theory of society is discussed in view of this multifaceted topic.


Only a minor part of the population is engaged in the production of goods and services in advanced economies. Still, job statistics suggest that most people have an employment. Disregarding unemployed and those essential to the production of goods and services:

–  What do people in wealthy countries do all day?

According to David Graeber (2019), most people still have to waste their time under supervision or in constrained environments with few opportunities to carry out meaningful tasks. This is arguably also true in imperialist countries.

This paper discusses the theory of fictitious employment all the way from basic definitions of bullshit jobs, to the explanation of the phenomenon and its political implications. As the discussion is fundamental, the critique is not limited to one single person or particular clusters of individuals. A completely different approach is developed and applied to his data.   

This paper contributes to the intense, involute debate on the prevalence of a left-wing culture within academia. It highlights that the current perceptions of quality and ideology in academia are distorted to the extent that the opposite of what is commonly claimed is true.


Published by Manuel Echeverría

Licentiate of Philosophy. Independent Researcher.

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