9/11 Take Away

As soon as the 2nd plane struck the tower, I called friends. I told them a ‘full scale terrorist attack’ just had been launched against the US. I met with a few to discuss the new world order shortly thereafter.

My thesis was that the US & its allies, Israel mainly, would exploit the new political space to advance their agendas – The so-called Middle East, in particular Iraq, followed by Iran + accentuated totalitarian tendencies. My comrades nodded, said it was nicely put. BUT no one looked surprised, it was understood that they immediately had arrived at similar conclusions.

The teachings of the highbrowed mainstream seldom matches what a bunch of kids could come up with, within hours of the attack. Most of what we said that greyish day at American Take Away, in a northern Swedish working-class city struggling postmodernity, has come true.I have been tortured and poisoned since. The state even bothered to tinker with my files in at least one of its vast databases*.

Today I realise that the oppression in a sense is closer to 9/11 in Chile 1973 than 9/11 in USA 2001. The second 9/11 was a remainder of the continuity of violence out of mind, an opportunity to discern the torture and poisoning out of sight.


Cover Photo: Google Maps

Published by Manuel Echeverría

Licentiate of Philosophy. Independent Researcher.

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