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Even polarisation is obedient



This scheme deals with configurations of unknown complexity. Moreover, the algorithm allows for arbitrary or inconsistent rules. In the end…

I scrutinised world-renowned theorist and left-wing profile David Graeber, in order to assess left-wing bias in academia … he can be regarded as a fraud, in the sense that he makes pop-cultural references to Marx, Marxists and the left, but dismisses them in all important respects …his theory is flawed on nearly all key points.

Research shows that even polarization in media is obedient in service of those in power. But what are the modes of manipulation and control beyond rhetoric in text?

Highlights: (1) Journalists present one set of articles as history unfolds, and one set for future historical record: – Detected even in a respected research database (2) Janus-faced political outlook: – reputation of being left-leaning, but with hawkish right-wing stance on key issues which define political affiliation. (3) Extreme-right allegations of left-wing bias support hawkishness in journalism: – It is not mainly about discipline through flak, but to disguise and maintain the façade under false flag. (4) A famous left-wing academic can be regarded as a public-relations gimmick. (5) Swedish academia is often singled out as a politically-correct leftist entity. Still, the biggest academic online-forum is filled with far-right propaganda. I was censored and subsequently banned after communicating (4).

What caused my expulsion? Evidence indicating that the so-called left-wing bias does not exist, and rather is about frauds at the highest level

Prestigious Academic Online Community – Comfy with the Far Right – Censors Divergent Opinion

I joined a couple of months ago. Soon I noticed that a worrying amount of contributions were narratives about so-called identity activists, and left-wing supporters, who allegedly pressure researchers in order to advance their agendas. For instance, ‘Islamo-leftism’ recently received attention. I am not an opinion police, but the tone is recognisable from the right…

The Bullshit Conspiracy.

It is as if different persons wrote Bullshit Jobs (Graeber, 2019), but failed to communicate properly. Vintage smash-and-grab of work from leftists who are not themselves impostors. I develop an alternative and discuss a theory of society in view of constructive criticism of economics.

The first two focuses on a Swedish academic online-community and Television. Why bother? – Swedish Television is highly relevant because it is frequently taken for granted that it is leftist. However, as research shows, categorical claims of left-wing bias in Swedish public service are inconsistent with data. Similar categorical allegations are frequently made about Swedish academia. Especially concerning political correctness.

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